Crafting social messages and images

My most visible contributions to audience engagement efforts came on Facebook and Twitter. On top of crafting a message that will make a viewer stop, look and react, I sought opportunities to create share-worthy graphics that resonate with fan bases and make sports brands must-follow entities.

Person-to-person engagement

On top of serving up messages and media aimed at large audiences, I excelled at engaging with individuals on social accounts. I kept an eye out for that comment or message from someone needing an extra hand finding the detail or link they're looking for.

Racking up engaged minutes

As trends for the most in-style metrics have shifted from page views to return visitors to engaged minutes, I've helped newsrooms tweak their user experience in a way that guides readers through articles and other pages to help meet goals.

Whether it's dressing up a story the right way or opting for an alternative story form, I can lend a capable hand.

Beyond the newsroom

I also crafted images that helped draw attention and business to the company's other tools. Here's a sampling of my promotional work: